Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who is in charge here?

When I was a child I used to love to lay out on the front lawn and just watch the non-stop activity. Not traffic, not the neighbors, but nature.

I remember one day watching a spider spin a web for hours.. I have always been fascinated by spider webs and their intricacies.. but to actual get to witness this one spider put down its anchor lines... climbing to the top and swinging down right to the area he needed the next line to go to.. time after time after time. Then all the time spent building the lines in between going round and round, so amazing. After that I would always think of that spider, when I accidently walk through a web. Made me feel guilty knowing some spider would have to spend hours rebuilding, because of one uncaring giant.

I also loved to stare for hours at a colony of ants moving from one hill to another. Or seeing a group of them working together to move a big stick along.. or one big dead cricket. Once in a while just to mess with them I would pour a little liquid right in the area they were going, or place a stick in the way just to see them work out how to go around the hazard.

As I caused these deesue made disasters it made me wonder, as I layed there staring at the sky, watching the clouds go by.. if someone else was out there staring down at me watching me stare at the ants or watching the spider.. was that why that sudden little rain storm just "popped up" out of nowhere? Or when I was riding my bike and that medium sized rock was right in my way and I went sprawling onto the gravel... was that some big deesue up there.. manipulating my world for their own amusement?? Was I just a little ant in someone elses world??

When you were a kid.. did you ever think of things like this?