Monday, January 19, 2009

Can we really tell?

I have been watching people a lot lately. There are a lot of good people in this world. Although, I do live in the land of vacations and snowbird retirees.. there still seems to be different categories.

There are those who have decided that life does NOT have to be lived in fast motion. That have decided NOT to let each and every action and reaction get to them. That have decided to see the world and their little areas of it with an open mind and heart.

Does this mean they never have a bad day? Never get frustrated, depressed, shocked at what they see being done around them? Absolutely not! But they have made a conscious choice to try to enjoy the days given them.

Then there are the folks that no matter how much is given to them, no matter how fast, how inexpensive, how kind.. they will never truly feel they have gotten what they feel they so justly deserve.


I have also seen something that can make a difference .. sometimes.


I have dealt with so many customers that I thought were darn nice.. maybe a little slower to smile.. but left my department with a courteous thank you and a see ya next time. (Okay some a bit of a quizzical expression and a hmmmm lol) but..

then have another employee come up and say.. "How did you make it through that with them? They are always so rude! I have actually left my area just so I didn't have to deal with them anymore."

So is it that the customer was REALLY always so rude? Or was it that they expected them to be, so they instantly treated them in a demeanor that encouraged exactly what they expected? .. (and got)

I hope as we all go through life and into 2009, that we can try to stop putting people into set categories. If you catch yourself looking at someone saying.. "Look at that expression! What's their problem?" or "Geez how could they walk out of their house dressed like that?"

Try to remember.. someone else could be thinking the same of you on certain days too. And ya know how nice you really are.

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