Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let it rain!!

Ahhhhh.. days off. Such a needed recharge day. With the job I have, there seems to never be the possibility of having two days off in a row.

I really miss having two days off in a row. So much easier to get things done and recover from the week's work.

But with four deliveries a week and four days before that to order those four deliveries... it is an eight day week smashed into seven days, condensed into 40 hours.

The good news is that I am going into my 50's in better physical shape than I was in my 40's .. or 30's. Suhweet!

I have thought about wearing a pedometer to log the miles I walk in each work day, maybe it is better not to know some things.. hmmmm and lifting boxes and crates of milk and eggs all day long, deep knee bends to stock the lower shelves, stretching to reach the back of the upper shelves (I SWEAR my arms have grown longer since I started this job because I couldn't reach them when I first started and I KNOW I am still only 5'5" tall)...

Who the heck needs a gym membership? Just go to work in a grocery store.

But I ran off target there (if I truly had a direction I was headed) okay.. truth be told.. I never know what I am going to type until my fingers start moving.

But I do know... after only having to work 90 minutes this morning to place tomorrow's delivery...

I cleaned the house, swept the floors, cleaned out the drain in my daughters bathtub (yuck) washed the sheets on both of our beds and ... then took a two hour nap....

Ahhhhhh days off.. a much needed recharge. Now it's time to head to SL to play.

Oh wait... rumor has it it may rain this afternoon... (my well water is horrible and has to be treated with salt so I can't use it for anything but showering) and my baby bird needs a much needed bath.... oh well, I shall play until it rains!

Yes, that is baby bird in the pic above. We love to fly down the road! (Of course by fly I mean ahem,, drive the speed limit) Honest officer.. I was looking at my speedometer when I went past you.. your radar gun must be wayyyy off!

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