Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another day in paradise.. yep that sums it up..

What a day.. headed into work today to shoot my order for tomorrow, then raced for home with all good intentions of cleaning house.. but... what is this through my windshield?? Sunshine! Ahhhhh.. my world is normal again..

So instead of cleaning I found myself outside and as I sat in my chair staring ahead. listening to the birds... enjoying the splash from my calla lily fountain.... I thought of some of you... cold ... lost in winter... So for a moment... come vacation at my home.

(yep, the top pic is my magnet collection which is outside in my screen room)

relax in a lounge chair... oh and through those swinging doors?? an outdoor shower! and if you have never showered outdoors with the sun beaming down .. omg you don't know what you are missing!

we can barbecue... burgers, hotdogs, chicken and ribs.. yummmyyyy!

then out we go under the mango tree... if its in May... mmmm fresh mango's... but anytime is a good time to play in the backyard.

Oh yeah.... welcome to my little piece of paradise... glad you could visit.. hope you come again..


SeattleDan said...

Nice place, dee!

It snowed here last night. But not to worry, it's melting now.

deesue said...

Thanks! Wish my camera was a little better.. or is it me?? hmmm but the pics don't do it justice.

Snow? Yuck.. glad it is melting quick.