Sunday, August 30, 2009

Such a simple word. Four little letters.

Used to describe.. strong like for a variety of things, and situations.

I realize just how much I love.. so many objects, so many people, so many actions.

Sometimes my heart seems so full I don't think it can hold more, than it does.

Yes, love is like shoe shopping. You just can't have enough, there is always room for more.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

confessions of a fly

The strands thicken until the fly fears there is no way to escape... with one last strong flutter of its wings it breaks free from what started as such an inviting web.

Even as it starts to fly away, it circles back, drawn by the comfort that was found there.

In the distance, it sees new webs, new fields, new flowers and trees.

It is good to be a fly in this great big world.
Okay, confession time.
I am a democratic, independent, republican.. yes.. I actually vote for the person I think is best for the position, no matter his or her political tag.
I am disappointed when politics comes down to belittling people. Who of us is so perfect that we have a right to judge???? Whether as a joke or mean spirited.. it just doesn't feel right to me. I have made too many mistakes.. for which I am glad I didn't have to publically answer to.
My family is also not perfect.. thankfully I don't have to apologize each day for their actions either.
I believe in God. Yep, what a fraud I have been. I not only believe.. I pray every night. I pray for peace, miracles, comfort and forgiveness... yes, forgiveness for not speaking up. I pray that I am right and there is a heaven, filled with peace, pain free living, and angelic souls.
SL has been an enlightening experiment in my principles. I now know, no matter how nice the people are around me... if I am going against my basic beliefs... it doesn't work for me.
I apologize for not speaking up at the start. I never pretended to be anyone else... or maybe I did, in a silent way. I know I will feel better about me... now that I have stated these things out loud.