Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How I spend my days

It has been a while since I blogged. Not that I haven't had things to say, but work has been.. well WORK lately.. lol

When I took over dairy/frozen food I never dreamed how hard I would be working. Somehow I had a picture in my mind that I would stand, smile, and turn pictures on products so they faced forward and looked pretty. Hmmm, okay I guess I do that too.. but getting it ordered, on the shelf, looking pretty and than counting it all, documenting and justifying it to the corporate office makes it a whole bunch more than just what I was thinking.

Luckily I don't have to touch the four aisles of frozen food often.. but the dairy dept is my baby from end to end. All things touched and set by me.. So I thought I would share my little (not so little) part of the store.... yes this is where I spend my days.. Wish I was a better photographer. Thank goodness I rock as a dairy manager! lol

The main part of the dairy:

the cheese section:

the organic section:

the juice section:

Don't I have a pretty department???

Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the space shuttle rockets red glare

I come home from the best day at the ball game and then what?????

Step out my front door and watch the space shuttle lift off.. omg I love living where I am!!!
I only wish I had a camera that truly reflected what I see when the shuttles lift off.. it is... amazing.. each and every time!

Play Ball!

We started out at 10am... arrived by 11... walked, souvenier shopped, and ate for two hours.. then ...

Play Ball!

omg we had such a great time watching the Florida Marlin's lose big time to the New York Mets today at Roger Dean Stadium.

The weather was A #1 perfect! Low 80's with a touch of clouds to take the bite out of the direct rays... Our seats were so perfectly behind home plate
that I could make the call of strike or ball before the umpire could... we were surrounded by pitching scouts with speed guns, who got such a kick at what a big fan my cheering kiddo is...

We went for the "must have" Dean Dog... which was HUGE! We bought new hats, Amy got a new shirt... and we drank enough to keep us from turning into pools of nothing in the heat...

The first four innings we thought we had a lock on a winning game! (When Amy's favorite player, #12 Cody Ross, hit a home run and we were leading 4 to 0.... )
then... the A team left the field and the rookies started playing... hmmmm or should I say attempting to play and not very well.

Then the game turned ... and by the end.. we lost 10 to 5.. eeks! Thank goodness it is only a practice game and doesn't count! (Something we always say when we lose a spring training game! lol)

We are lightly burnt and still grinning ear to ear.. what a great place to live... we are in baseball heaven.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Destination.. life

Fiercely independent, slightly afraid, but excited of the life ahead... she walked away from the life she had known for way too many years.

With a last glance around, she left the keys on the counter and walked out the door.

The sun was shining a little brighter when she stepped out the door, her smile was even bigger, her heart beat loudly in anticipation.

The drive to her new home, her new life, was a short one. She had waited and planned so long, she didn't have to go far to begin anew.

While parking the car in the driveway, the tears began to flow. Free, she was finally free.

She entered a house full of boxes, but empty of furniture. It didn't matter. Soon it would be full of new and hand selected things, chosen just for her. Things of comfort, things of serenity, things of joy, of peace.

and here she is one year later... one very happy, peaceful year later. She is no longer afraid. She remembers how strong she has always been, how happy she can be no matter what life throws at her, how many things she can do.

She will never let her life turn into what it was in the past again.

Happy Anniversary rl deesue! Happy Anniversary house! Happy Anniversary life!