Sunday, March 15, 2009

Play Ball!

We started out at 10am... arrived by 11... walked, souvenier shopped, and ate for two hours.. then ...

Play Ball!

omg we had such a great time watching the Florida Marlin's lose big time to the New York Mets today at Roger Dean Stadium.

The weather was A #1 perfect! Low 80's with a touch of clouds to take the bite out of the direct rays... Our seats were so perfectly behind home plate
that I could make the call of strike or ball before the umpire could... we were surrounded by pitching scouts with speed guns, who got such a kick at what a big fan my cheering kiddo is...

We went for the "must have" Dean Dog... which was HUGE! We bought new hats, Amy got a new shirt... and we drank enough to keep us from turning into pools of nothing in the heat...

The first four innings we thought we had a lock on a winning game! (When Amy's favorite player, #12 Cody Ross, hit a home run and we were leading 4 to 0.... )
then... the A team left the field and the rookies started playing... hmmmm or should I say attempting to play and not very well.

Then the game turned ... and by the end.. we lost 10 to 5.. eeks! Thank goodness it is only a practice game and doesn't count! (Something we always say when we lose a spring training game! lol)

We are lightly burnt and still grinning ear to ear.. what a great place to live... we are in baseball heaven.

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