Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How I spend my days

It has been a while since I blogged. Not that I haven't had things to say, but work has been.. well WORK lately.. lol

When I took over dairy/frozen food I never dreamed how hard I would be working. Somehow I had a picture in my mind that I would stand, smile, and turn pictures on products so they faced forward and looked pretty. Hmmm, okay I guess I do that too.. but getting it ordered, on the shelf, looking pretty and than counting it all, documenting and justifying it to the corporate office makes it a whole bunch more than just what I was thinking.

Luckily I don't have to touch the four aisles of frozen food often.. but the dairy dept is my baby from end to end. All things touched and set by me.. So I thought I would share my little (not so little) part of the store.... yes this is where I spend my days.. Wish I was a better photographer. Thank goodness I rock as a dairy manager! lol

The main part of the dairy:

the cheese section:

the organic section:

the juice section:

Don't I have a pretty department???


SeattleDan said...

Very pretty Department! And apparently no customers to mess everything up, either! :)

deesue said...

haha! I had to sneak in very early and wait until the early birds had walked through to avoid the "why are you taking my picture" thing. One guy was so slow I almost gave up lol