Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Destination.. life

Fiercely independent, slightly afraid, but excited of the life ahead... she walked away from the life she had known for way too many years.

With a last glance around, she left the keys on the counter and walked out the door.

The sun was shining a little brighter when she stepped out the door, her smile was even bigger, her heart beat loudly in anticipation.

The drive to her new home, her new life, was a short one. She had waited and planned so long, she didn't have to go far to begin anew.

While parking the car in the driveway, the tears began to flow. Free, she was finally free.

She entered a house full of boxes, but empty of furniture. It didn't matter. Soon it would be full of new and hand selected things, chosen just for her. Things of comfort, things of serenity, things of joy, of peace.

and here she is one year later... one very happy, peaceful year later. She is no longer afraid. She remembers how strong she has always been, how happy she can be no matter what life throws at her, how many things she can do.

She will never let her life turn into what it was in the past again.

Happy Anniversary rl deesue! Happy Anniversary house! Happy Anniversary life!


Shinigami Kayo said...

Great to hear about this mark in time and your happiness. ((hugs))

the rev. paperboy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Skal said...

Yay Deesue .... nice to rediscover what you always knew about yourself. See ya soon.

freereed Freenote R.I.P said...

this is a pure lovely piece of writig... and, yes, i have a theory that this is the time of life that women re-discover and re-create themselves... YAY YOU DEESUE@!