Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ahhhh, a .. day off?

I'm trying to remember when a day off went from.. well, a day off, to just a day without pay.

I suppose it was the moment Amy was born. Sometimes being an adult sure carries more responsibilities then it did when I viewed it as a child. I remember thinking "When I grow up I will never have to do this again!" haha.. good thing I didn't know the real outcome or I might not have been so motivated to get to this point.

I also know that since SL I have had to make goals for myself or nothing gets done around my house. How could I have become hooked so quickly to my little SL world?

Oh , that's right.. I have an addicitve personality.. geez.

So goals... I have to make them now.. "Before you can log on to SL you have to clean the kitchen" or whatever the worst disaster of the day is..

Here I am on Sunday. My only real day off from work all week, and so far I have already cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, cleaned the litter box, wrapped a fathers day gift, helped Amy with breakfast, her hair and getting dressed, mowed the front lawn and taken a shower... whew... (and all before 9:30am)

almost done.... well, as soon as I run to the store, take Amy by her dad's house to drop off a gift and a hug, and help her with a bath...

Then time for SL.. I need some fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

kicking back

What an amazing amount of changes my life has gone through (that being my sl life) since I joined in August.

I've gone from bumping into the walls (okay still do that on occasion) to kicking back on my own island paradise. I intend to have a party soon when I can figure out how to fit into the hectic Wellstone schedule.

I have gone from floating on my own to falling in .. umm strong like... to back to floating on my own. Time travels so fast in SL. What feels like forever today, tomorrow is.. well, the past.

No matter what road I choose though... it is .. all fun. Can't wait to start my next new adventure.

So for now.. Let's dance!