Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ahhhh, a .. day off?

I'm trying to remember when a day off went from.. well, a day off, to just a day without pay.

I suppose it was the moment Amy was born. Sometimes being an adult sure carries more responsibilities then it did when I viewed it as a child. I remember thinking "When I grow up I will never have to do this again!" haha.. good thing I didn't know the real outcome or I might not have been so motivated to get to this point.

I also know that since SL I have had to make goals for myself or nothing gets done around my house. How could I have become hooked so quickly to my little SL world?

Oh , that's right.. I have an addicitve personality.. geez.

So goals... I have to make them now.. "Before you can log on to SL you have to clean the kitchen" or whatever the worst disaster of the day is..

Here I am on Sunday. My only real day off from work all week, and so far I have already cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, cleaned the litter box, wrapped a fathers day gift, helped Amy with breakfast, her hair and getting dressed, mowed the front lawn and taken a shower... whew... (and all before 9:30am)

almost done.... well, as soon as I run to the store, take Amy by her dad's house to drop off a gift and a hug, and help her with a bath...

Then time for SL.. I need some fun!

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