Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My solitary life

I'm keeping you at arms length
it's where you have to be
I can no longer make excuses
for just being me.

I've tried to keep "me" secret
I've tried to say the truth
neither works to save a heart
abandoned in its youth.

It will not ever matter
how perfect you may be
the problem lies with
the person that is me.

I can't continue hurting
the people who reach out
there is no way to fix me
on that I have no doubt.

So please except my smile
or handshake that I give
it's all I have to offer
it's how I have to live.

I'm really not unhappy
I'm really not so sad
I'm just alone as always
it's really not so bad.

God made me strong
right from the start
then I built the walls
that protect my heart.