Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sighs.. I was challenged to write something happy here.. and I have searched for two days to find that happy center that I have to draw from to put pen to paper.

I know, in my lifetime of 55 years, there have been happy moments. 

I can't find a single one that isn't surrounded with a sad or a hurt.

It is as if I am not meant to retain those happy times.

They are like fleeting thoughts of.. "Oh there is one.. uh no. hmm"

With each happy moment came a price, an after effect, a crushing fall.

I do not look at my life as sad, or unsuccessful, but there is a reason I have not been able to sit and write my life story. I only have one view point. It is a book I would not want to read. A story that isn't meant to be told. A life better taken in small doses.

So I must admit my failure to meet this challenge. For now.