Thursday, January 1, 2009

Paying Jobs I have held

I saw a few of you had done a tagged blog of paying jobs you have had so far.

Hmmm.. can I remember them all?

Scorekeeper for Professional Bowling Association playoff games held in Boise ID (so fun)

babysitter (not a good one... lock up your booze! Hide your baby food desserts lol)

Apartment assistant manager and then manager

McDonalds .. never did any job great there lol

stock clerk for Wigwam department store

Ticket booth worker for traveling carnival (Slept under the ferris wheel most nights)

cashier at Liberty Market (ran from lecherous store owner most days)

Maid for Motel 6 (people left a LOT of drugs behind!)

waitress at Copper Kettle, The Pit (it was), and The Steak Out
Maid at the Mapes Hotel in Reno, NV

manager at The Pizza Chalet

Store Clerk at a Liquor Store

Co-owner of The Clean Up Crew (new construction detailing)

Receptionist and sales person for restaurant equipment sales company

Receptionist, owner and wearer of all hats for a restaurant equipment repair company (12 years)

cashier, stock clerk, frozen food dept associate, and now dairy/frozen food manager for Winn-Dixie Marketplace

and to think.. somewhere along the way, I managed to be unemployed for about 15 years in between all of that while I raised Amy... played nurse, physical therapist, home taught for 2-1/2 years and raised most of the neighbors kids lol

I kind of hope the list doesn't get much longer... did I mention I have received TWO invitations to join AARP this week??? Who put out the word that I am getting old????? lol


SeattleTammy said...

Good list deesue! I want carnival stories!

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