Thursday, January 8, 2009

Never... Ever

Since I am almost 50 years old ... I thought I would list 50 things I still have never done.... how many of these have you never??

Who is as lacking as I am????

I have never:

01. pole danced
02. gotten a traffic ticket
03. eaten lamb
04. gotten a tattoo
05. had to wear a cast
06. changed the oil in a car
07. had a pedicure
08. been to Hawaii
09. been to a New Year's party
10. changed a tire
11. ridden a donkey
12. gone scuba diving
13. parallel parked a car
14. been ice skating (does Sl count?)
15. had a housewarming party
16. eaten black eyed peas
17. gone water or snow skiing
18. been on a snowmobile
19. removed hair by using wax
20. been on a trampoline
21. been to a hockey game
22. had a massage
23. gone on a cruise
24. had a passport
25. been driving during a car accident
26. played football
27. called a foreign country
28. had the mumps
29. belly danced
30. eaten sushi
31. had the chicken pox
32. learned a foreign language
33. used call holding/waiting on my cell phone
34. had a glamour shots photo done
35. seen the Chippendale dancers or any other strip dancers
36. been a brides maid
37. owned a raincoat
38. crimped my hair
39. cleaned the gutters on a house
40. been chosen for jury duty
41. ridden on a parade float
42. shot a rifle or hand gun
43. been to an opera
44. had a martini
45. eaten a crumpet
46. line danced
47. sang karaoke
48. done a jello shot
49. gone to a costume party
50. played tennis

Geez, some of these are so do-able.. why are they still on my never list??

So, I am curious... You don't have to tell me which ones... just tell me, in the comments section, how many of these nevers are nevers for you too.

1 comment:

SeattleDan said...

I've never poled dance either. Maybe we can make our debut sometime.

Though in my case, I don't think I'll get many tips.