Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're here to stay...

You passed us in the store day

We saw you look then glance away

We tried to smile to let you know
we didn't mind we know we're slow
We've learn to walk with heads held high

as people crowd us and loudly sigh
She may be limping but we don't care

and if you'd ask we'd gladly share
The miracles that we face gaily

witnessing the joy that she has daily
You see we never thought she'd walk

the doctors said she'd never talk
We will not leave

We're here to stay

your attitude is wasted on us today.

These words have been written in my mind time and time again over the years I finally decided to put them on paper the other night.

For my daughter Amy. She is my light, my life, my joy, my angel without her my life would not be complete and I would not be the person I am today.
(photo taken about 2 years ago now.. back when I had real short hair)

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Jane2 said...

I love that pic...such love and joy :)