Monday, February 16, 2009

They're here! They're here!!

This is some pretty exciting time coming up in the deesue household. Our all time favorite month of the year is weeks away!

Sunday brought in the good news that the pitchers and catchers have returned for another season and baseball is just around the corner!!! A major, major deal for us!

I have yet to book our tickets, but we will spend at least 2 of my precious days off sitting in, what I hope to be blazing sun, getting burnt to a crisp.... while we eat hot dogs and drink giant ice cold lemonades, and cheer our lungs out for our Florida Marlins.

Normally we would be at the ballpark every Sunday and a few days during the week... but... that was before the Dodgers left.. it was so nice to have a ballpark just 15 minutes away from home. We have had some amazing years of memories there...

Amy's birthday is also in March. We have always been at a game. Most years we got lucky and the Marlins were playing the Dodgers on that day... (then Amy had to struggle to choose who to root for)

I hope the Marlins stadium is even half as fan friendly as Dodgertown was! They treated Amy like a special #1 fan. She has an amazing collection of autographed balls, broken bats, souvenier lunchboxes, seat cushions, posters, pins, hats and shirts...

Her favorite birthday will always be the day she met Tommy LaSorda... we saw him in his golf cart putting through to batting practice. He stopped and while Amy was telling him that it was her birthday, I was happily snapping pictures for the photo album. After we walked away I looked into the screen to review the pictures and realized my camera had messed up.. omg the pictures were so blurry they were unsee-able! I felt like the worst mom in the world.

So I said, "Let's just walk by his cart again and I will try to get some pics of him in the background behind you". As we walked up Tommy saw Amy and said "Hey birthday girl! Are you back again?" and... Amy ratted me out! and told him that I messed up the pictures. (darn kid!)

He was so sweet he cleared the crowd and said "Okay mom, let's get these pics right this time!"

and I did.. lol

Then we went and watched them get beat by the Marlins, hehe..

her favorite player is Cody Ross (who started out as a Dodger then became a Marlin)

Oh yeah,, I cant wait to add some more smiles to the baseball memory banks.

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SeattleDan said...

Yay for the return of baseball...Spring cannot be far behind!

And Amy is one lucky lass to get a hug from Hall-of-Fame manager, Tommy Lasorda! How great is that!