Monday, February 23, 2009

Stale cookies anyone?

I seem to be in a reminiscing type mood today...

I wish I could say I have a big exciting life outside of this screen... but now that Amy is older.. nope.. no exciting life lol.

I remember when Amy was younger.. my home was a non-stop activity center for every child in the neighborhood. There were days that I would wake up early to the sound of a child or two or three playing on the swingset waiting for us to open the curtains so they could invite themselves to breakfast.

I never minded. Seemed the more kids there were, the busier they stayed and the easier it was on me. We never had any money back then, and I dont remember it often making a bit of difference.. except when trying to pay for all those popsicles, packets of kool-aid, sandwiches, and I couldn't buy enough bags of Mother's Cookies.

I swear my neighbors saved a fortune on daycare by pushing their kids out the door to "go play at Amy's house". Some would stay almost up to bedtime. And not a single parent ever offered me a penny. Oh well, Amy loved it.

One of their favorite things was a giant trunk full of clothes, shoes, hats, scarves and accessories that we collected from my closets and from the local thrift shop. I wish I had some of the group shots or pics of some of the plays they used to put on to entertain me, but with money as tight as it was, I didn't take too many pictures. The few that I did take.. most were handed to the kids to take home to their parents.

Here is one that I kept of Amy and her best friend Elizabeth. I had a lot of pics of them, as I ended up taking Elizabeth in for the summer so her mom could get herself together. Liz is a mom herself now, with two kids of her own.. Recently I sent a bunch of the photos to her. Her kids got a big kick out of seeing mom when she was young and being silly.

It's hard for me to think of Amy and Liz as adults. In my heart they will always be like the picture above.

So I guess what I am saying is, I hope, for those of you that have younger children (even grandchildren) that you all are spending time with them.. they grow so fast.. and one day you will buy a bag of Mother's cookies and they will go stale... then you will know the kids are grown.

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Shinigami Kayo said...

Oh the days of having cookies last in the house, or find an unopen bag of chips. With the human vacuums I live with, nothing escapes their gaze.
Today I am again tending a sick child. It has really been the year for various viruses. Now before you all go awww Shini...this is the great stuff. Sure it isn't all fun wiping noses, but when you look back you smile. Caring for the angels so dependent on you. One day someone else will care for their sniffles and phone me days after the fact. Everyday they grow up and move away spreading their wings, you sigh in pride and loss. I can't beleive how big their are, when just yesterday I fitted them into recieving blankets, wrapped tightly and watched them fall asleep.