Monday, February 2, 2009

Poetry of Reflection

I light a candle of hope... because nothing in this life is impossible....

The happy face the people see

the inside darkness that is me..

in my mind

The outer shell so very tough

the inside full of shaking stuff..

in my heart

A smile, a laugh, a joke

a sigh, a tear, a choke..

in my being

Try to see me as I truly am

under this external sham..

in my soul

What will be your reaction

if you find there's still attraction..

to my life

Will you stumble blindly on,

will you choose to still be gone..

from my life

1 comment:

Dimawa said...

This is the url of the blog of my very very good rl friend. Reading his stuff always moves me. It may have the same effect on you.

I'll send you a photo of him later. Verrry easy on the eyes. Nice voice, too *melts*