Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Different times

I was watching some kids playing in their yard this weekend and I found myself feeling sad for them. Maybe they don't even realize what they are missing.. how different things were for their parents and grandparents... the freedom that days off.. that summer offered...

Here they are trapped in their yard with mom checking out the window every few minutes just to make sure no one is driving by preparing to grab them and cart them away...

I feel so lucky to have been raised back in the 70's and out in the country. Each day was an adventure, and there were days that we left in the morning and didn't return until the sun was going down. We hiked in the woods, we trekked along the back roads to the lake, we joined with countless others to earn a few bucks picking strawberries for the local growers.. and some days we spent just playing baseball in the field and sitting up in the apple, plum and cherry trees eating until we were sick.

Summers were great! I remember missing a lot of my friends from school, because back in those days we had a party line (a lot of people now don't even know what that is I bet.. lol) and you couldn't tie up the phone just talking to your friends because the lady down the street might need the phone .. or might just be listening.. lol.

The first days back in school were like reunions and everyone had their stories to tell about how they had spent their summer. At the time I was envious of those that went on fancy vacation trips.. although a few summers I did get to go away to camp and that gave me all kinds of stories to share!

Now as I think back.. I am so glad that we got to have the type summers we had, and that I got to have those carefree days before the world evolved into what it is today!

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