Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is that mint I smell?

I am a very, very healthy person. I can sometimes go years without anything major... a sniffle now and then, but since I quit smoking cigarettes the longest I usually carry a cold is 3 days.. (oh boy I hope I am not jinxing my health Karma right now)

But there are times when it completely takes over and runs full force... and I usually have a warning system... I start eating everything in sight. Which isn't quite as noticeable now that I have tried to form better eating habits.. but when I was younger and would go a day or two without a meal.. it was very obvious! It is like my bodies way of saying.. major crisis coming up.. fuel.. put in fuel!!!

I think I have only had the flu really, really, really bad twice. Once right after I met me now ex-husband.. (bragged about how healthy I always am and two days later I passed out while changing Amy's diaper.. oops) Thank goodness he was there at the time!

The other time was about 9 or so years ago now.... Man, what a fever! I was working fulltime at our restaurant appliance repair business, never got days off and here I was at home with this raging fever. So I tried to kick back in the recliner chair and take it easy... But I was sooo bored!

Then I started noticing all the nail and tack holes left in the walls from when I had taken down all the Christmas decorations. I still hadn't redecorated after taking all the stuff down. Gosh there were a lot of little holes... and all those white walls.. just staring at me.... begging me for repair....

So I headed out to the garage to see if we had any hole filler stuff and a hole filler stuff tool... (I know you are all impressed with my construction knowledge here aren't you?) lol

But I can't find any... dangit.. These holes are driving me nuts! I swear they are getting bigger (in my fevered state of being) .. Then I remembered hearing something about renters sometimes using white toothpaste to fill small holes so they could get their deposit back.

So I grabbed the Colgate toothpaste (with whitening power) what could be better? and I spent the whole afternoon filling in little holes.. Gosh I was so pleased with the results when I was done... then I proceeded to pass out on the couch and finally get that much needed rest.

When my ex got home from work... he said instantly he noticed our home smelled so "minty" fresh... lol! Then he noticed my repair. Now he was real nice about it...but later when I was back to my normal self again.. I couldn't help but notice that the walls looked really bad lol. And when the sun hit those walls you could see what looked like hundred's of shiny spots (must have been that whitening

Note to future repair people... toothpaste may work for a very tiny spot but if you have over, say, 50 or so holes..... DON'T USE TOOTHPASTE! lol

Nice thing is it motivated my ex to actually repair them correctly and then repaint the whole room.. so it all worked out....

But it got me to wondering about two things... One: do others do weird things that seem totally normal when they are in the midst of a real high fever... and by others... I mean you.... and Two: do you have a clear sign - warning system telling you you are going to be getting sick???

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