Tuesday, December 9, 2008

deesue introduces herself

I haven't been using this website for blogging. After being with yahoo360 for a few years and watching their sad demise.... then moving to Multiply and doing that for a while... I just kind of burnt out.

Hmmm, burned out? Or had so many life changes in one year that I needed to walk away from the written form for a bit....

A few months back I discovered SecondLife. It has given me a new focus, a new playground, that fits into the life that I have at the present time.

So in keeping with the changes.. I decided to update this page and add a pic or two for those that know me from SL.

Yes I am a real person, with a real life. A nice middle aged lady with an adult daughter that has cerebral palsy, developmental delays and just recently (one of this years MAJOR changes) lost her eye sight completely. It is part of the reason I love SL. I can play and interact with people while being home each evening after work to be with her. (This next picture was taken the day before Amy's first of three eye surgeries in May 2008 that erased her sight completely.)

I manage a Dairy and a Frozen Food department for a local grocery store... and when I am not sleeping I am playing on-line... SL and Pogo.com get most of my time.

My daughter (Amy) and I spend the month of March going to as many spring training baseball games as we can, since we have quite a few teams that train in the area... and the rest of the time is spent enjoying our tropical paradise here in southern florida.

and in the winter she is a Florida Gator fan... oh who am I kidding... a gator fan is a gator fan year around!

Well, there you have it... me, us...

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