Friday, June 13, 2008

My prayer

This has been one of the hardest week's of my life. To have to watch my daughter struggle through each day with no vision. To not know if she will ever see even the smallest of shadows. To try to be positive and supportive as she cries. Have I done enough? Have I done the eye drops correctly? The times that I have let her lift her head because I can imagine the pain she is in, having to have her head down day and night... was it wrong? Please God don't make my weakness be the one thing that keeps her from being able to regain some vision somewhere in her future.

All the years wasted.. just staying home. Not seeing, doing, taking every opportunity to experience all that life has to offer... please give me another chance, many chances to show her more of the world.

Thank you for the miracle of medical technology... for giving us even this smallest of windows of hope... please let her see again.

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