Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Silence is Deafening

Silence is golden. A nice saying. Good when relating to a hectic day. Good when your kids are pushing you over the edge. But when is silence toxic? Can there be too much silence? Aren't there times when you need feedback even if it isn't words you want to hear? Can a relationship end because of too much silence?

Did you see me last night
Did you hear me voice
Did you try to console me
Did you give me a choice
..to feel

Do words from my mouth
reach to your ears
Do you think about us
Does it cause you fears
...it does me

Are we living the life
you thought it could be
Are we moving the direction
you want us to be
...not me

When we sit in a room
and no words are spoken
Do you feel discontent
Do you feel slightly broken
...like me

Have we come to a point
where there is no return
Have we reached a space
where there no more to learn
...I grieve

How long can the silence
between us remain
before one of us goes
completely insane
...and leave

And when this happens
will you be caught unaware
crying how could you leave me
dont you know that I care
...I asked

Author anonymous, unheard

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