Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recurring Dreams

I stand in the middle of a huge arena. A skating rink maybe.. all I know is it round, with highly polished floors, slippery. I have a ball.. like a bowling ball but with no holes.

No one is there to tell me the rules but somehow I know I need to get this ball to the side.
The floor is flat, it looks so easy. I roll the ball as hard as I can but no matter what.. before it can reach the edge.. it rolls back to me. Over and over I try.

Sometimes it gets so close I start to celebrate, then there that damn ball is right by my feet again. Sometimes even though I push it hard it only rolls a few feet then comes rushing back to me. Over and over all night.. I wake up frustrated..

I dream this dream over and over for most of the years of my childhood. Every  once in a while it sneaks into my adulthood.. exactly the same.. and never any success.

What does it mean and why can I never get completely rid of it.. sighs. I'm so glad, for the most part I forget what I've dreamt as soon as I wake up.


Angi Mitchell said...

It means you are persistent and intelligent.

From one dream dictionary: To see or play with a ball in your dream symbolizes completeness and wholeness. It may also indicate that you need to be more in tune with the inner child within.

Sounds like your inner child is knocking. ;) Go get some ice cream.

deesue said...

hahaha mm ice cream. you are a nut but I like your thinkin