Sunday, April 1, 2012


There are no accidents. We are all tied together with a single invisible thread. We can't see it but each action causes a reaction. No matter how big, no matter how small. There are no accidents. I was lead here. You were lead here. We were lead here to somehow touch each other's lives.. for a moment, a time, a ripple.Sometimes the touch is good, sometimes it is not, but each touch, is necessary to get us to where we are today and where we will be heading tomorrow. You who think you have choices.. have not evolved. Even your choices.. were scripted. It is an illusion of choice.The world grows smaller as our reach grows wider. We are in control, but of nothing.When I leave this place, when you leave this place. Life will continue on with the ripples we have helped make.We will not go unneeded, even if we feel unnecessary. Without our part, others parts would not be.We touch in a game of cosmic tag.


Leigh Gears said...

Boo XX. The roads we travel and the people we meet will always be part of us. Whether we continue on the path that seems to be what was laid out for us or is of our choice is only a matter of perception.:P

All read now. I could have commented on heaps but just did these few and this post, cos I was to lazy.

(Apr 25th 2009 post, I am so proud!.) I loved the video, but I already told you that. xx

(Apr 19th 2009 post, Where is my line?.) I have been in SL for a long time as you know. I have been over the lines I first drew for myself many times only to cross back again. There are some things I will never go near in that place of dark secrets and hell holes that are only there for the demented in mind. But I am not shy in trying the almost normal LOL in SL any time.

(Apr 4th 2009 post, Solid Potato Salad.) OMG woman what were you thinking when you posted that, So darn odd, lol. Human slinkies.

(Feb 17th 2009 post, Random facts, shhhh don't tell.) I love all creatures, but not man. I love to sing. I hide when sad. I love to cook every day. I drive like a nutter. Will eat chocolate till ill. I have no anger issues. I do not lie. Was arrested for stealing a bra. Have never been married. I find responding to this post hard, LOL. I am a geek. I am a loner. Never drank booze. I have a wicked, dark humor. Been in a lesbian relationship. Governments impress me. Art is very important to me. Love super spicy foods. I want to go back in time. House work is one of my favorite things to do. I love science based stuff. Angry Anderson (Singer of Rose Tattoo) once yelled at me in his home. I collect elephant nic nacs. My bed is very soft and comfy.

(Feb 12th 2009 post, Is that mint I smell?.) lol yes to both, I get warning signs before I get very sick, but have the stupid habit of ignoring them. As far as silly things goes if sick or not, shit were do I start. Try crossing very busy 4 lane road in a very light cheese cloth skirt that you can't control with all the wind from fast moving traffic, you know you are going to see it going down the road stuck on a rear bumper of car, but you cross anyway.

Unknown said...

I don't agree with the idea that we do not have choices. I think that we can be touched by the ripples of others but then we have a choice as to how we "think" about having been touched. We also (I think) have a choice about what actions WE take.. what words we say.. what we do with ourself. If we have no "choice" in anything, then it would suggest that there is no reason to do anything.

deesue said...

And I say even your choices are scripted.. there are no accidents.. only results. Whether you make one choice or another only changes who it also affects.