Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where is my line?

Since I started this account under my SL name... I have decided to blur the lines between SL and RL.. which gets easier and easier to do as I spend more time in SL.

While some enter the SL world to be and do things they never could be.. I find that I fall more into the category of... deesue is so much like RL me. Likes to have fun, tease, flirt, shop, play, and loves to be with friends... she also needs her quiet, alone times... to just be... deesue.

I live in a house built by Shinigama Kayo. It is amazing. Big, beautiful and.. peaceful. When my music stream isn't playing .. you can hear water, chimes and birds. (The same is true in my RL home)

Deesue and I share a love for clothes and shoes. Although she wears a lot more stilleto's then I do lol. We both have wayyy more than the average person would seem necessary. Clothes... in RL or SL.. I love to be creative, am well known for changing my outfits to match the activity of the moment, and have to do mounds of laundry in RL because of that.

I am finding I am getting more adventurous in deesue's attire. I entered a bathing suit contest last night... I wear booty shorts that show half my booty lol, and in RL I would never go dancing in silks lol.. but a conversation I had last night with Jane2 got me to thinking... I really DO have a line I don't cross.. even in SL.

Whether RL or SL... I have certain parts of "me" that are saved for that .. special person that I may choose to .. ummm share a pose ball with lol

I wonder if that will change after I have been on SL for a longer time? In some ways I hope it doesn't. It hasn't changed for me in all these years in RL...

How about you? Is your avatar an extension of RL you?? Or just a cartoon figure with no conscience or consequences?


Shinigami Kayo said...

blurring lines...
I guess I have been more adventerous in SL than I would in RL. Talk to me and you will see a less inhibited person than I could ever be in RL. My second life avatar actually owns a steaming latax outfit..Hot Hot Hot.
Generally though I do lean to conventional conservative and elegant styles. Catch me on a wild night though and you may be surprised I had it in me.

Alicia Morgan said...

My SL is my badly-needed therapy. Old, fat and flat broke, the abiity to shop to my heart's content for next to nothing and wear the kind of clothes I haven't been able to wear in 15 years is unspeakably satisfying. Living in a tiny house that we're desperately trying to hold on to, it's a thrill to put together a big, airy, open beach house that's just for me, with a big piano and beautiful artwork.

I think that, personality-wise, my avatar is pretty much me, and even though she looks a zillion times better than I do, I must admit that if I had the figure I would still wear her clothes!

SeattleTammy said...

I'm so me in SL. I wear teeshirts & jeans everyday. I came in knowing I needed to be Tammy/Bookem the bookseller. I waz warned! "what if you get stalked?" It doesn't happen. Being very real, has made everyone deal with me, um, for real.

I don't have inhibitions about clothes, just don't have inclinations either. I won a $1,000L gift certificate for Sari's and still haven't spent it. I should go get a silk and shock the shit out of everyone.

personally, I was a bit dismayed about how everyone liked me in straight hair tonight, while in my Pb disguise. I need more curly hair damn it!