Saturday, June 14, 2014

I believe in you

She entered my life with laughter
I recognized the ploy
of being entertaining
to cover the hurt.

In her I see so much of me.
Childhood trauma
a life of insecurity
that damn scars only you see
screaming I'm not worthy
when the world sees how truly amazing you are.

So many years later
we are still one
we are still the same
All the ribbons, kudos and degrees
can't erase the past can they?

If I could give you one thing my friend
it would be that you see you
as you see me.
We are the awesome..
we just have to believe.

I love you Angi
(You are the little sis my mom should have had)


Angi Mitchell said...

I love you Deesue with all my heart and soul. You are absolutely my sister of the heart. This is such a beautiful poem and just wow! I love you!

deesue said...

You are like a special treasure led to me when I needed you most. I don't think there is another person in the world that can understand the "whys" of me.. like you can.

Angi Mitchell said...

Dee, you have blessed my life in so many ways. You have been an amazing woman and always helped me to see past the tears and scars. You are the woman I hope to grow up to be.